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Studying and Staying at CFAU

I. Curriculum Arrangements

1. Non-degree students enrolled in the Chinese Language program shall be placed in beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes according to their proficiency. Classes will be held in the morning from Monday to Friday, amounting to 20 hours per week. Optional lectures in Chinese history, literature, politics, calligraphy as well as Taijiquan (Chinese shadow boxing) are offered in the afternoon. Diplomas shall be awarded to those students who have passed all examinations at the end of their study programs.

2. Non-degree students enrolled for Diplomacy study shall opt for 8-20 hours of the courses offered by the related departments. They can sit in the classes conducted for Chinese students and may choose not to take examinations. They will be awarded with certificates of study upon completion of the program.

3. Degree students shall take their training in accordance with the teaching plans of their respective majors. They shall be conferred graduation diplomas and degrees corresponding to their respective programs of studies upon completion of their courses.

II. Cultural Activities

Arrangements will also be made once a month for the international students to visit museums and places of historical interest within Beijing as well as watch entertainment programs to introduce students to different life situations as means of improving their proficiency in Chinese.

III. Holiday and Attendance

1. Holiday:

Except for Summer and Winter break, holidays in China include New Year Festival, Dragon Boat Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, International Labor’s Day, China’s National Day.

If you plan to leave Beijing during these holidays, please register at the international student section in advance.

2. Attendance (Chinese Language Students)

Please submit a written application letter to International Students Section or your department office asking for leave due to illness or other reasons.

Students who are absent over 1/3 of the time for every class in the period of one term will not be qualified to take the final exams, receive certificates, and will be required to retake the course again. Being late or leaving early four times in one course will be regarded as one class absence.

Non-degree language training students will get a serious warning if they are absents for over 50 teaching hours in two consecutive months and will be disqualified for the following term’s study with an absence of 80-teaching-hours in three consecutive months.

During term time as well as dissertation period, students leaving Beijing should report with leave verification to your department and International Student Section.

Observance of the disciplines will be one of the key criteria for selection and appraisal of the Excellent International Students and the annual evaluation of students with Chinese Government Scholarships.

IV. Examination (Chinese Language Students)

Final exams are held at the end of each term. Note that other exam arrangements other than the ones arranged by your department are not available. Students arriving 30 minutes late for an exam will receive a mark of 0.

Students who cheat in the exam will have no academic report and certificate.

Non-degree language training students fail their exams and the resit exams in the following term will not be allowed to advance to the next level.

V. Library:

Student ID-cards (campus card) are available on campus and students can use it for access of the library. The student ID-card include access to gates, library, internet, showers, canteens, and paying other expenses on campus. All international students will be issued a student ID-card upon registration.

VI. Accommodation options:

i. International Exchange Center (IEC) on Zhanlan Road Campus

Renovated in 2013, the center provides excellent and modern facilities for both short and long-term international students. IEC offers central heating and 24 hour hot water supply, equipped with an automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system. Every room is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, including CNN, table, bookshelf, and telephone. Every floor has a kitchen where the international students can cook. See the receptionists at IEC for other services such as laundry, international telephone card, fax, internet and etc.

Please note that the available rooms in IEC are limited and will only offer rooms to scholarship students and exchange students in Zhanlan Road campus at the beginning of each new term. In the case when spare rooms are available after two weeks into the new term, self-funded students may be offered rooms in IEC.

Accommodation fee: Double rooms on 1-3rd floor, 150RMB per day per bed. Double rooms on 6-8th floor 160RMB per day per bed.

ii. Students Dormitory on Shahe Campus:

Each room is about 7-8 square meters with hanging fan, desk, bookshelf, bureau, single size bed, Internet access(LAN), and an open balcony for hanging laundry.

Each floor has two public washrooms which are separated into two parts -- the basins are set at the outer room and three toilet cubicles are set at the inner room. The public bathroom is arranged at the basement equipped with changing room and shower cubicles (shower curtain included). The building for female students has an independent bathroom.

Automatic washing machines are provided in the Laundromat.

Student Common Rooms are equipped with TV and fitness equipment.

The management of international students staying in the Students Dormitory is the same as the management of local students. For more information, please check The Lodgings Notices for Freshmen issued by the Students Dormitory Management Section of CFAU.

VII. Transportation

i. Zhanlan Road Campus is located next to the busy west Second Ring Road (Xi Er Huan Lu) in Beijing, It’s easily accessible by public transportation.

The buses nearby are: No.15, 716, 814, 56, 708, 102, 103, and 603.

The name of the nearest subway station is Fuchengmen.

ii. Shahe Campus is located in the Shahe Higher Education District, Changping District, Beijing City, which is next to Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA)’s Shahe Campus, 1.7km from Shahe metro station.

VIII. Canteen

Student dining rooms and Muslim dining rooms can be found on both Shahe and Zhanlan Road Campus and there are dining rooms for Western food on Shahe Campus as well. The student and Muslim canteen only accept student card payment while dining rooms for Western food accept cash payment.

There are kitchens on each floor of International Exchange Center, where the students staying in the building have the option to cook for themselves.

Tap-water cannot be drank without boiling it first.

IX. Campus Clinic

The Zhanlan Road Campus clinic is on the first floor of the main building of CFAU, and Shahe Campus clinic is on the first floor of the Reception Center. International students can get medical care if they get sick. Students with Chinese Government Scholarship should go to the clinic with their passports if they get sick, and can go to the hospitals off campus, but only if permitted by the campus clinic.

X. Sports Facilities

There are facilities for basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis etc. Students can borrow sports equipment by showing their student ID, and also have the chance to take part in some sport matches and teams in the university.

XI. Cultural Activities:

International Students can go to parties organized by the university and will have some chances to attend parties specifically held for international students. International students are encouraged to participate in the major cultural activities and competitions where the University will award prizes.

XII. Scholarship students

In CFAU, Scholarships include the Chinese Government Scholarship and scholarships offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, medical and insurance fees, and cost of living, etc.

1. Regarding the category and content of your Scholarship: please check your "admission letter".

2. Living allowances

(1) If the scholarship contains the living allowance, it is issued monthly on a fixed date.

(2) Freshmen registered before the 15th of the month will be given the full-month scholarship. If the registration is after the 15th of the month, the scholarship will only be for half a month.

(3) The scholarship graduates will get allowance for half a month after graduation.

(4) The allowance will not be issued for those students who drop out of school or graduating from the university in the next month.

(5) During holidays the scholarship will be issued as usual.

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