Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in China Foreign Affairs Universy & Study in cfau

Instructions after Your Arrival

I. Directions from Beijing Capital International Airport to CFAU

1. By Taxi

To Zhanlan Road Campus: China Foreign Affairs University, No.24 Zhanlan Road Campus, Xicheng District, Beijing

To Shahe Campus: China Foreign Affairs University (Shahe Campus), Shahe University Park, Changping District, Beijing

You can show the address to Taxi driver, the fare is about 150 RMB and it takes about 1 to 2 hours.

2. By Subway

A. To Zhanlan Road Campus:

Take the Airport Express from your terminal and get off at the Dongzhimen Station. Then transfer to Line 2 and get off at Fuchengmen Station, take A the North-west Exit.

B. To Shahe Campus:

Take the Airport Express from your terminal, get off at Dongzhimen Stationand then transfer to Line 13. On line 13 get off at Xi’erqi Station and transfer to the Changping Line. Take the Changping line to the Shahe Station and exit from B1.

The ticket price for the Airport Express is 25 yuan and the subway costs 6 yuan. It takes around 1 to 2 hours to get to our university campus.

Note: Please pay attention to the schedule of the Airport Express from the airport terminals. For Terminal 2, the service time is 6:35-23:10; for Terminal 3, the service time is 6:21-22:51.

II. Registration of Residence

According to the relevant laws and regulations, international students should register for temporary residence at the police station within 24 hours upontheir arrival. Those who do not follow this regulation will be issued a warning or fined accordingly.

The university will hold a session for students staying on campus to register for temporary residence.

For students staying in hotels please ask the reception desk for the registration form.

For students staying in rented houses please bring the property ownership certificate and go the local police station for registration with the landlord.

III. CFAU International Student Registration

Information on the date and place of your registration can be found in both your Admission Letter and Enrollment Information.

On the first day of registration, students should:

1. Purchase the medical insurance and pay for tuition fee.

According to the regulation of Ministry of Education, international students are required to purchase medical insurance during their academic study in China. For Chinese Government Scholarship students, the insurance fee is included in your scholarship. For non-scholarship students, note that insurance fee should be paid when you register with the university.

2. Register at the International Students Section

3. Apply for your campus card.

You’re required to bring along the following documents at registration:

1. Passport;

2. Visa Application for Study in China, JW201、JW202 Form;

3. Admission Letter;

4. 4 passport-sized photos;

Within 1 or 2 weeks after the initial registration, students should:

1. Register at your departments (according to the Admission Notice)

2. Chinese language program students, advanced visiting students and exchange students are required to take the placement test.

3. Take the Health Examination

4. Prepare documents for your visa and Residence Permit

IV. Applying for Residence Permit

Upon arriving in China, students holding study (X type) visa should apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days.

Documents needed to apply for the residence permit are listed as follows:

1. You will need your admission letter, original copy of JW201/LW202, original copy of health examination report, original copy of registration form of temporary residence, a two-inch photo of white or pale blue background, visa application form;

2. For students already holding a resident permit and want to transfer to study at China Foreign Affairs University, they should also provide a photocopy of the school transfer letter (or graduation certificate)

3. The extension of the residence permit requires the original copy and a photocopy of the registration form of temporary residence, a two-inch photo of white or pale blue background, and the visa application form;

4. Students younger than 18 should provide a guardian’s notarization (original copy), photocopy of the first page of their passport, visa page, entry stamp page (Chinese guardian should provide a photocopy of their ID), photocopy of parents’ passports, and birth certificate issued by the Chinese Embassy.

You can choose to apply for your visa by yourself. The process is as follows

Go to the Entry& Exit Administration Bureau:

Show the receipt of your tuition payment, passport and other required documents→ register your information at International Students Section→Online approval by Entry&Exit Administration Bureau (1 day) →get the visa application form→go to the Bureau to apply →go to the Bureau to collect your passport on the indicated date.

If you wish to do it through an agency, the process is as follows:

Show the receipt of your tuition payment, passport and other required documents→check if your personal information is correct→sign→pay the visa application fee and agency fee→ collect your passport at International Students Section on the indicated date.

Agency fee: 100 RMB; Visa Application fee: 400

Visa Application Address:

Beijing Exit& Entry Administrative Bureau

Address: No.2 Andingmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Office hour: 9:00am -5:00pm Monday to Saturday

Telephone: +86-10-84020101

V. Health Examination

Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center Haidian Clinic

Address: 10#Dezheng Road, Xi’bei wang town, Haidian District

Telephone: 010-82403675

Physical Examination Time: 8:30-11:00 AM from Monday to Friday

Verification time: 8:30-11:45  13:00-16:00 from Monday to Friday

Results collection time: 13:00-16:00 from Monday to Friday

Notice: No breakfast on the day of the examination; please bring your passport and electronic student ID card; prepare a two-inch color photo and 400 RMB.

Physical Examination Verification:

New international students who have taken the health examination abroad should provide the original copy of health report in Chinese or English, and bring 2 passport photos to get their health certificate certified at the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Health Care Center.

Once students pass the verification, they can get a Health Certificate issued by the Center.

For those who fail to pass the verification should do the health examination again to receive a Health Certificate issued by the designated hospital.

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