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Preparations Before Coming to China

I. Your Visa

International students should apply for study visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Documents required for visa application are listed as follows: valid passport, admission letter (original copy), visa application form (JW201&JW202 form).

Please make sure that your admission letter is returned to you when you collect your passport. Admission letter is an important document for obtaining the residence permit upon your arrival in China.

International students must obtain the study (X type) visa in order to enter and study in China. Study visa is vaild for 30 days, which requires the student to obtain the residence permit within such period in order to stay in China for longer period.

Therefore it is advisable for students not to travel to China prior to the designated period of 30 days given that the residence permit can only be obtained after you registered at CFAU.

II. Accommodation

For Students staying on campus:

International Exchange Centre (IEC) offers student on-campus accommodation. Please note that the available rooms in IEC are limited and will only offer rooms to scholarship students and exchange students in Zhanlan Road campus at the beginning of each new term. In the case when spare rooms are available after two weeks into the new term, self-funded students may be offered rooms in IEC.

Both student dormitory and the Reception Centre in Shahe campus have enough rooms to accommodate all the international students. If you decide to stay off-campus, please let us know in advance.

Please note that:

A. Details of student flat regulations and accommodation can be found in enrollment information.

B. If students arrive early before the designated check-in date, they will need to plan ahead and make their own accommodation arrangements.

For students staying off campus:

(1). Students will be able to rent houses around Beijing, though it is recommended to talk to a realtor in terms of contract and other legal documents.

(2). Hotel and hostels

Students should make their plans and accommodation arrangement before coming to China. Students who stay off campus need to make bookings in advance.

III. Student Registration

International students are required to register at the university upon the date indicated on the admission letter. If you cannot register on time, you need to inform the International Student Section in advance by sending us your request of Late Registration through fax, which should explain the reason of your delay in registration.

(Zhanlan Road Campus Fax: 86-10-68323243, Shahe Campus 86-10-89146850)

If you don't register within two weeks without an acceptable reason, it will be regarded as an automatic withdrawal, and your offer will be cancelled.

IV. Money (Cash and Traveler’s Checks)

Bring only the essential amount of cash or traveler’s checks needed to cover your expenses in China in order to avoid any unnecessary risks or theft.

V. Important Documents

Please bring the list of documents listed below for student registration at CFAU:

Valid passport, a photocopy of your passport (Recommended)

4 two-inch pale blue or white background photos

Admission letter (Original Copy)

Visa application form JW201 or JW202 (Original Copy)

Health Examination Report (Optional)

Photocopy of your relative’s passport, a copy of your visa, marriage certificate, guarantor’s ID copy, etc. (Take documents according to your personal needs)

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